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Special Education Needs

My name is Susanne Reeve.  I am the Special Education Needs Co-ordinator at Sidney Stringer Primary Academy.  

If you would like to speak to me about any information you require or concerns you may have, my contact details are below:

Susanne Reeve

Susanne Reeve

Send Coordinator

SEND Vision at Sidney Stringer Primary

At Sidney Stringer Primary we believe in an inclusive environment. We believe that school should be a happy and enjoyable place for all children, and that the children should be at the centre of all that we do. Each child’s individual learning style should be respected. All children should have high but attainable targets that support them in achieve their full potential. Parents should be involved in all decisions regarding their child and there should be open lines of communication between parents and school staff at all times. Every child should be given an appropriate level of support but at the same time be encouraged to become independent learners.

As a school we will do everything that we can to ensure that children’s learning needs do not become barriers to learning. By doing this, we will aim to ensure that each child will have equal opportunity to make progress and achieve their full potential, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, special needs, attainment or background.

Staff participate in regular training to support them in meeting the individual needs of the children that they work with. Children attend small group activities to support them in achieving their targets. These activities are designed to be fun, interactive and supportive, and have precise outcomes closely linked to each child’s need.

Parents are invited in for regular meetings and parents should feel welcome to arrange to speak to both the class teacher and SENCO at any point.

Our SENCO is Susanne Reeve -


Free impartial advice regarding SEND can be gained from the SEND information and advice service

More information regarding SEND Support and Services in Coventry can be found on the below link