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Year 2 Blog

Welcome to the year two blog page, which will be updated regularly so that you can keep updated with what's been happening school side.


Tuesday 4th December 

Year 2 went to Coventry Cathedral today to experience a Christingle Celebration. The children sang a Christmas song in front of all the other schools that were there and they did a fantastic job. The children then went back to school and made their own Christingles out of an orange, cocktail sticks, raisons, red ribbon and a candle! 

Tuesday 20th November 

Year 2 have been busy coming up with ideas about how they could make Hillfields an even better place to be! The children have worked together to design a questionnaire, which they would love as many people as possible to respond to. Please click on the picture below to go straight to the questionnaire. Thank you very much for your help. We will let you know our conclusions once we have analysed the data! 

Tuesday 30th October 

Year 2 turned into 'Street Detectives' today and went on a walk around the local area. The children were extremely well behaved and sensibly looked for clues to the past.

Monday 8th October 

The children have been very busy making structures out of marshmallows and spaghetti. We spent some time looking at famous bridges from around the world, talking about the different shapes within them and thinking about how we could borrow ideas from famous bridges when making our own. The children did a fantastic job and showed great resilience when it all got a bit tricky.. and sticky! 

Wednesday 26th September 

Year 2 have had a fantastic day at Kenilworth Castle. The Foxes and Flamingoes had guided tours around the castle and learnt all about life during medieval times. We even managed to have a picnic lunch outside! 

Thursday 20th September

Year 2 have been busy building tunnels out of clay! The children learnt about lots of different tunnels from around the world. They then decided which tunnel they were going to make with their partner.