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Year 2 Blog

Welcome to the year two blog page, which will be updated regularly so that you can keep updated with what's been happening school side.


Tuesday 5th June 

Year 2 have been busy investigating whether plants can grow anywhere. Each group have put 5 different materials into 5 pots and then added radish seeds to see if they grow! The children thought carefully about how to make their test fair. Watch this space to find out their conclusions...

Wednesday 18th April 

Year 2 were very lucky to be at Coombe Abbey today in the beautiful sunshine! The children went on a minibeast hunt to celebrate the start of their new topic; Wriggle and Crawl. Year 2 had a wonderful day and enjoyed putting the hunting methods they had read about into practice. 

Monday 26th March 

Year 2 had a wonderful day at Leam Boat Centre today. The children really enjoyed canoeing and it was an invaluable experience for them. They also had a go at making a boat out of recycling and testing it on the water. We were so lucky with the weather and the children all enjoyed a lovely picnic in the sunshine. Year 2 were extremely well behaved and it was a pleasure to take them out for the day. To look at more photos of the day, visit the 'gallery' section of the website. 

Wednesday 14th March 

Year 2 have been investigating which shapes float best. The children made predictions and were encouraged to give reasons. The children worked in small groups to mould plastercine into different shapes. Year 2 concluded that cup shapes floated the best. The children were further challenged to see how many marbles they could float using their plastercine shapes. Cigdem and Dylan set the record with six marbles! Well done.

Wednesday 28th February 

Today Year 2 got stuck into their new topic; Land Ahoy! Mr Broomfield brought in his kayak to show the children. Both classes spent some time asking Mr Broomfield some questions and then they all did some observational art. The children sat in a big circle around the kayak and used their observational skills to sketch what they could see. 

Thursday 1st March 

Year 2 did a great job of dressing up as a favourite book character to celebrate World Book Day 2018. Please make sure the children get a chance to use their book token when you're out and about. Happy reading!