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Reception Year Blog

Welcome to the reception year blog page, which will be updated regularly so that you can keep updated with what's been happening school side

Autumn Walk 11.10.17

This week Reception went on an Autumn walk. Children looked to see whether they could find any signs of Autumn. They found and collected yellow and orange crispy leaves and they felt the cool Autumn wind blowing. Along with this, they also looked to see whether they could find any animals getting ready for Winter.


Week beginning 9.10.17

This week the Bees and Butterflies have been reading the story, ‘Hoot’ and learning how to describe and compare the characters. In Maths we have been learning about repeating patterns using shapes and colours to create and continue patterns. In phonics we are continuing to learn sounds, this week we learnt c, k, u, b. We have also been trying to blend sounds together to begin to read simple words such as mat, pot and dog. In the creative area we have been using playdough and clay to mould the shape of an owl from our story Hoot.

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Week beginning 2.10.17

This week the Bees and Butterflies have been reading the story, ‘The Tiger who came to Tea’ in Literacy. Reception wrote an invitation to the tiger to come to their tea party and they then made some sandwiches for him and for themselves.  The children had lots of fun being creative too as they created some tiger stripes in shaving foam. They then printed this on to a tiger that they had cut out previously. The children then used these to create some magnificent artwork.


In Reception this week...

This week Reception have been learning all about India once again. The children have been consolidating their knowledge on the country by learning many interesting facts in Literacy. They have also been talking about what gifts they would take if they went to India. They thought about things that children in India might not have such as roller skates or light up shoes. The Bees and Butterflies have also been very creative this week, as they have been making kites, which they have had fun flying outside. In Maths, the children have been learning to describe 3D and 2D shapes and they had a go at making the shapes with the play dough!

Weekly Parent Overview - w/c 26/06/17

Weekly Parent Overview

Our week in Reception - w/c 26/06/17

This week in Reception, we have been reading the story ‘Elephant Dance’. We looked at different Indian artefacts that we read about in the story and used ‘Power words’ to describe them in our writing. The children enjoyed looking at the sari’s and bangles. In Maths, we have continued our learning about money but this week we have been solving subtraction calculations. In the creative area, we have been painting monsoon pictures by exploring how the different shades of blue paint mix together to make new tones. We have also been exploring spice paint which has Indian spices in it.  

Our week in Reception - w/c 19/06/17

This week in Reception, we received a letter from Handa, she explained to us what life is like in Africa. The children decided to write a letter back to her and took the letter to the post office to send it. At the Post Office we learnt how they weigh the letters; about the different sized stamps and how much money a stamp cost. In Literacy, we have also been learning lots of different facts about Africa, India and China and the children created their own fact book. In Maths, we have been learning about money. The children have been adding two prices together to find the total. On the creative table we have been making African baskets in different ways.

This is a test Blog


Hello, this is a test blog.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

This week in Reception we have been focusing on the story, The Very Hungry Caterpillar. The children have been learning and writing about the life cycle of a butterfly in Literacy. In Maths, the Bees and Butterflies have been learning to add by counting on to find the answer and they have also been working on ordering numbers to 20. Outside, the children have had lots of fun making the caterpillar food in our new mud kitchen! The Bees and Butterflies have been very creative this week as they have been making their own Eric Carle inspired caterpillar pictures. They look fantastic!