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Reception Year Blog

Welcome to the reception year blog page, which will be updated regularly so that you can keep updated with what's been happening school side

Week beginning 8th April 2019

This week reception have been learning all about Easter. They have been learning the instructions to make their own nest cakes and then decorating them. In maths they have been learning to problem solve, using the Numicon to find different ways of making numbers under 20.


Week beginning 1st April 2019

In reception this week we have been exploring the story Noah’s Ark and learning all about how the animals went two by two, which has fed into our maths learning about halving and sharing. We have loved the start of spring and have taken the opportunity to do some observational drawings of daffodils. 


Week beginning 25th March 2019

This week reception have been learning all about insects. They have created their own jelly worms by following instructions and taking turns. They have also been learning to tell the time. Outside they have been trying to rescue the insects from the big spider web and planting seeds!


Week beginning 18th March 2019

This week in reception we have been transported deep into the jungle to help the little monkey in the story Monkey Puzzle find his mum. We have been focused on using our descriptive language to create wanted posters too. As we have been exploring the jungle it has inspired some jungle creations on the creative table and some repeating patterns work in the maths area.


Week beginning 11th March 2019

This week reception have been learning all about the three little pigs. They have been performing the story using the story language, and some children have even got stickers from Mrs McCann from their independent story writing. In maths we have been revisiting 3D shapes and learning about their properties. Some children have gone on a shape hunt around the classroom and using the Ipad to record their findings.


Week beginning 4th March 2019

This week in reception we have been getting very frosty exploring the polar ice caps through our story Penguin Small. We have also learned all about penguins and polar bears and their habitat. Reception have even learned about how heavy a penguin is linking to the maths skill we have been learning this week which is all about weight! The children have loved using the scales and exploring what is heavier and what is lighter and measuring weight using non-standard measures such as cubes.

World Book Day - 7.3.19

The children absolutely loved celebrating World Book Day. They dressed up as their favourite book characters and enjoyed reading their favourite stories.


Week beginning: 25th February 2019

This week reception have been visited by lots of different animals and mini beasts! We have been lucky enough to have 8 chicks hatch and have had a visit from Zoo Lab. Pupils were really brave and held millipedes and some even stroked a snake! In Literacy we have been reading ‘Dear Zoo’ and we have written our own letters asking for a zoo animal of our own. In maths we have been solidifying our understanding of finding one more and one less by using a number line.


Zoolab - 27.3.19

Reception had a visit from Zoolab today to learn about animals and their habitats. The children enjoyed this very much and held or touched the animals.




Reception welcomed some new baby chicks last week and this week they will spend some time looking after them. The children enjoy looking at them daily and holding them, showing lots of care!


Week beginning 11th February 2019

In reception this week we have been exploring the world of Cinderella, creating our own shields and magic potion recipes to help the princess get to the ball! It has been a lot easier to keep track of all our potion ingredients because in maths we have been learning to create a tally to record information.


Week Beginning 4th February 2019

We have had an adventurous week in reception with a visit to Warwick castle! We ventured up 500 steps to the top of a tower, explored the history of the royals, and roamed the halls and gardens on our fun filled day. In Literacy, we had prepared our questions for the castle staff and in maths we have revised how to add, even managing to do it on a number line!





Week beginning 21st January 2019

This week the Bees and Butterflies have been reading the story ‘Dear Dinosaur’. The children learnt how to write a letter in Literacy to their favourite dinosaur and they enjoyed reading the replies they got. In Maths, Reception has been learning to double numbers using counters and Numicon. In the creative area, children have been doing observational paintings of dinosaurs and they have been making fossils out of clay.


Week beginning 14th January 2019

This week in reception we have been inspired by the story ‘How do dinosaurs get well’ to learn all about being healthy and what we need to eat and do to look after ourselves. We have even made our very own healthy eating plates! In maths we have been learning about 3D shapes and can now make and name a Cylinder, Cube, Cuboid and Sphere!


Week beginning 7th January 2019

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all our Bees and Butterflies families! We have had an exciting first school week of the year.

This week in reception we have kicked off our half term of Dinosaurs, Dragons and Castles with the discovery of an egg being left behind by a dinosaur, we have enjoyed predicting what will come out of it and watching it hatch this week. We got to feel the dinosaur and use our descriptive language to write about it. We looked at the story ‘Dance of the Dinosaurs’ this week and have loved using musical instruments to recreate the sounds in the book to create our own dinosaur dance. In Maths this week we have been focusing on ordering and recognising our numbers.


Gruffalo Crumble

This week the Bees and Butterflies have been reading the story, 'The Gruffalo'. The children have been searching for the gruffalo and they thought it would be a good idea to cook some gruffalo crumble to make the Gruffalo come and visit. The children cut up apples and stewed them in sugar in water. They then made a crumble topping using flour, oats and butter. After the crumble was cooked, the children enjoyed tasting it with cream.

Autumn Walk - 11.10.18

Reception went on an Autumn walk around the school to look for signs of Autumn. They spotted squirrels getting ready for Winter and they collected lots of crispy leaves that had fallen off the trees. The children also spotted that the leaves on the trees had started to change colour and that the wind was blowing a lot. The children collected leaves and used them to do some leaf rubbings later in the day.


Week beginning 12th November 2018

This week reception has been reading the story Whatever Next and learning all about Space. The Bees and Butterflies enjoyed going in the immersive room to go on a space adventure. The children got to see what it looked like in space and also explore what the moon looked like. In the classroom the children had lots of fun using the Google Expedition app to investigate what can be found in an international space station.


Week beginning 8th October 2018

This week the Bees and Butterflies have been reading the story ‘Hoot’ and they have been thinking of words to describe the different characters. The children then labelled pictures of a character from the story with a word they chose to describe it. Reception also went for an Autumn walk around the school to look for the signs of Autumn. In maths, the children have been learning to make repeating patterns using colours and shapes.